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How Its Use for Best Result


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Mostar for Mosonry

Ready made jointing chemical with 3 to 4 mm thickness or with conventional cement mortar (1:6)

Wetting Of Block

Before Application of motor dip block in water and lift immediately or apply water with brush

Coping Beam

Coping beam (Bond beam) with 2 nos. of 8 mm bia. reinforcement after 1.2 mts height.


Curing of Masonry Wall

Curing required only for cement mortar joint and not required for ready made mortar jointing.

Electric Chases

Chases to be grooved before plastering of wall by using electrical cutter and chiseled gently without hammering to avoid damages to walls.


Cutting of Block

Use tool like hacksaw or rotary cutter or hand wood saw

Lintel support

Minimum 150 mm support for lintels at both side. Lintels should be placed on mortar bed.



MMinimum External plaster thickness 12 to 15mm.